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ein Bühnenessay


a dramatic essay by Elfriede Jelinek (2013)

stage and costume design (2015)

Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin

(design for study, not realized)

picture credit in the scale model:

© Gerhard Kassner / Berlinale

Upon a narrow, staircase-like platform, Brünnhilde asserts her demand for freedom. Her impassioned plea does not escape the watchful gaze of Wotan, the

Almighty. His dominance over his daughter is spatially depicted; although he does not physically enter the stage, he appears on the 5 x 4m large projection screens visible to the audience through the opening between the walls. Wotan, in a separate external space, enacts his role, captured on film and then transmitted live onto the projection screens. Thus, the elemental conflict between Wotan and Brünnhilde unfolds: Wotan, an untouchable, almost ethereal deity, maintains absolute control over his presence and power dynamic, while Brünnhilde, a palpable, corporeal figure of flesh and blood, remains confined with the physical space. Guided by Wagner‘s leitmotifs, the audience is drawn into the heart of this theatrical moment, feeling the palpable weight of dramatic tension.

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